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An event organised by Leader Impact (part of Campus Crusade for Christ SA) to introduce you to a discipleship tool we call The Biscuit Trail.

Catching on recently around Cape Town (but being used globally), believers are engaging in using this pack of cards as a way of helping Christians to reach their sphere of influence with the gospel. It’s encouraging people to take small steps (not necessarily giant leaps and also from a place they might find themselves in this journey) to graciously and winsomely share Christ with those God has placed in their world.

This event will not only help you see the great value of using this fun and practical tool, but also how we can go towards  the bigger aim of creating a movement of disciples of Jesus in the workplace, school or university, neighbourhood or social settings we find ourselves in. Great for church groups, small groups, or 1-2-1’s.

The event includes light refreshments and a chance to experience the Biscuit Trail exercise, plus a presentation aimed at inspiring how you can maximise the use of this tool, hear testimonies and follow up from it.

The Essentials: 4.30pm til 5.45pm at Burrata Restaurant, inside the Old Biscuit Mill complex in                                              Woodstock.

Free entry (but booking essential due to space limitations).

Contact Geoff 0794207767 

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