Accelerate Vision Event Update

Thank you so much for your prayers for our vision events in the Northern Suburbs and Southern Suburbs.  Our time together was special as a team and community.  We feel like God helped many people capture the heart of where we are trusting God to move this ministry.  With God, we will accelerate the Great Commission(Matthew 28:18-20).

We realize that many people needed time to pray about where God will have them contribute their L.I.F.E.(Labor/Leadership, Influence, Finances and Expertise). Our encouragement was to either Be a Worker or Send a Worker.  In the upcoming weeks, we will follow up with those who attended or pledged to give.  You can also choose to send a worker today or give to our ministry strategies.  Below is a list of reference designations:

Western Cape Ministries                           Western Cape Staff
WCape Crossroads 005                                      Bianca Groats 20162
WCape Office 007                                                Elspeth Lienberg 10500
WCape Student Led Movements 011               Gail Henry 10530
WCape Global Church Movements 016          Henk Beukes 10550
WCape LeaderImpact 002                                Lizette Kotze 12660
WCape Athletes in Action 001                          Marais  Koegelenberg 10300
Nyameka Sonti11480
Leon Best 20316

Your gifts will help  send a worker !


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