August “Multiplying Disciples”

Meeting MK for the first time in January

Meeting MK for the first time in January

“Hey man, tell me, how many people have you led to Christ?” As MK sat in my car on our way to a training I invited him to, he posed this question. I hadn’t really thought about that question in a long time and never really kept count.

I don’t know,” I said wondering where he was going with this question.  “It’s been far too many to count. Plus, I’ve been doing this for a long time.” I could feel his bewilderment as I merged onto the highway.  I had not seen MK since the beginning of the school year, so over this last week he had resurfaced and became involved in our ministry once again.

“Wow! Really? And you are still excited about what you do?”


“Man, I’ve only seen 2 people repent and I’m so hype!”

“Wait, what?” I looked at him. “When did this happen?” I asked. Apparently after we met a week ago, he was challenged all the more to share the Gospel with others and live out his faith.

Last week. Dude, I didn’t even plan on it.”

To my surprise, all of this happened without me first training him how to share the Gospel with others. He also told me that he walked across the hall from his room in his residence hall, and shared the Gospel with his neighbor via a booklet our ministry uses called the Four Spiritual Laws. He didn’t need my help, he just took the initiative to follow God.

“I just read that booklet to him that you gave me.” MK said. “I felt like God wanted me to do it.”

MK has seen two of his friends give their hearts to Christ and it was his first time sharing the Gospel—ever. We aim for students like MK who are involved in our ministry and are unashamed to go out and reach others for Christ. Thank you for your partnership in making such a difference by your giving and prayers. There are other students involved in our ministry just like MK and we are thrilled to be a part of their lives as we teach them to lead their friends to Christ and make multiplying disciples.

By Jerrah

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