Biscuit Trail Mobilises a Church

Durbanville Baptist Church (DBC) this past March took on a project to mobilise its membership to personal evangelism.

Over that month, the church used CCC Leader Impact’s ‘Biscuit Trail’ (BT) discipleship tool as a basis for inspiring their church to action. Each ‘Biscuit’ of the Trail exercise is a small focus of activity to work on in helping introduce our colleagues to know Jesus in our context. As the saying goes…..How do you eat an elephant? One mouthful at a time. (Not that we are advocating eating elephants ). Sharing our faith at work can seem like the elephant but we can break it down and have a long view or drip feed approach to our witness there.

DBC preached for 4 Sundays on 3 of these focus areas each service and also as a church used Leader Impact’s 30 daily activities in the ‘Take The Biscuit Challenge’ as a way of living out faith in their workplaces and neighbourhoods. We are so encouraged that another church would adopt a strategy like this and seek to be more missional as a community. This approach was very much inspired by Friend of God church in Goodwood who are planning on doing their project in July this year across a number of their church campus sites. We have recorded 1 minute introduction videos for each of the twelve ‘biscuits’ that can be used when preaching your way thru these focus areas as well as for use in other training situations, such as in church small groups.

A workshop for sharing of ideas around the BT tool and the principles of outreach will be hosted at Oakhill Church, Durbanville, at 7pm on Monday the 29th April. Contact Elspeth for more info or register here .

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