Biscuit Trail Training

‘The Biscuit Trail’, a simple tool helping Christians think through how they can help their colleagues take steps towards Jesus.

In February, Geoff trained the elders of his church in the vision behind and the “how to’s” of the tool. These elders have now given the same training to the other leaders of the church so that the use of the tool could multiply throughout the majority of the church through the small groups.

Also in March, Western Cape Leader Impact officially launched Biscuits! That is the Biscuit Trail. what better place to host ‘The Biscuit Trail Launch’ than at ‘The Old Biscuit Mill’? It really had a great vibe. The place and the staff were perfect and the use of the venue completely free!

The aim of the event was not only to profile The Biscuit Trail which has already gained some traction but to help people see how they could be involved in Leader Impact as a movement. A good cross-section of people came; church pastors, missionaries and those in the marketplace. As a result, Leader Impact has plenty of follow-up to do, the majority expressing the desire to be coached, trained and equipped in how to share their faith.

Please pray for Follow up of Leader Impact events, Bursting your Bubble and follow up of the Biscuit Trail contacts.

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