CrossRoads Teacher Training in Philippi

February 2013 saw our first CrossRoads Teacher Training (TT) in Philippi, Cape Town and March saw the next one in Knysna!  Both were amazing and the leaders, educators, professionals and volunteers who were trained are all fired up and ready to go.  Some of them have already started using the curriculum in their sphere of influence to help people build good character and make good, healthy choices!

TT Philippi

In the words of one of the attendees in Knysna, “I feel so encouraged being in the CrossRoads Training.  The information that I gained motivated me to go back and make a difference in some young person’s life.  Those young ones who are facing hardships and challenges, like substance abuse, teenage pregnancy, those with a low self-esteem, etc.  I want to use the info to build their characters.  Also, those who don’t use this stuff, to help them make better choices for themselves.  If one compares this course to all the money in the world to give to our children, this CrossRoads info is far more worth it.”

TT Knysna


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