Jesus Film Training – Goodwood

The Salvation Army is the home church of staff member, Gail Henry.  Majors Graham and Aileen Brooke-Smith are the Pastors in Goodwood and want to see their church grow, thus increasing the kingdom of God.  Global Church Movement had a Jesus Film(JF) Training and Showing at the beginning of February, training about 20 people on Evangelism & Discipleship, Prayer Walking and the JF Showing & Equipment.  The day ended by showing the JF, where 9 people come to Christ through the movie.

The Salvation Army also opened the training to people from other churches.  It was good to see churches collaborate who shared the same purpose, fulfilling the Great Commission according to Matthew 28:19.  Our GCM team looks forward to many more JF Training weekends with The Salvation Army.  If you want your church to also experience a Jesus Film training, then please contact Gail Henry.  God is doing a new thing with the churches today…come and be a part of it!

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