Mission Week 2019

Cape Town Baptist College Student Team 2019

6 – 10 May, Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC) hosted Cape Town Baptist College students again. CTBC Mission Week sends the novice theologians to apply their biblical knowledge into their local communities.  I’ll admit it’s a highlight for me during the year.  If you remember from past updates, I’ve had some interesting experiences with the CTBC crew.  In general, I have witnessed fear turn to confidence in Christ, and arrogance to humility in God’s grace.  This partnership continues to benefit all who participate, and this year 15 students were assigned to our organization.  Diverse spiritual backgrounds represented this year’s CTBC team.  Current pastors, an evangelist and a pastor’s wife were included instead of the usual group of future pulpit ministers.

Mission week activities have evolved for CCC as well.  In the past, we would only send CTBC to universities to share the gospel to students.  Now they experience outreaches in the university, local community and marketplace during the week. For the past couple of years, we end the mission week with a Jesus Film outreach.  This event has become a highlight for the CTBC students.

During Saturday’s Jesus Film outreach training, Ina Botha our Global Church Movement (GCM) team leader, became worried the event might not take place because the community leaders had not called her to confirm the outreach.  She became more discouraged when the local pastor in charge did not return her calls about the Saturday evening film showing.   The CTBC students felt her anxiety and prayed.  They encouraged Ina to contact the community host one more time.  First call…no answer… second call…location pin received! The Jesus Film showing was back on.

In a community near Uitsig, the CTBC students learned a shooting had occurred in an area not to far from where they would show the film. Although there was a bit of uneasiness, their training with our GCM team reminded them to be watchful, prayerful and willing to engage bystanders to participate.

The invitation to have a relationship with Christ was extended and 14 people – men, women and children – indicated their desire to know God personally. The CTBC Seminary team leader, inquired about showing the Jesus Film in Prince Albert, his hometown.  Although they don’t have a lot of resources, he really sensed that God could use the training and film to really impact that community.  As Ina shared that they would trust God for provision for travel cost, he said his local friends and family can organize housing.

The estimated cost for a trip like this would be R6 000.  This amount covers the initial training, travel cost, materials, as well as the follow up and refresher training for the local church. Would you prayerfully consider giving R100, R250 or R1000 towards transportation and travel cost for our Global Church Movement team to travel to Prince Albert? You can click “Make a Gift Today!” below to give, please reference, Account number 62160. Thank you for your prayers and partnership. We could not see lives changed without you.

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