May 22, 2013


Building Leaders from the Inside Out

Leaders have influence.  Global Leadership Summit(GLS) says,  “Everyone wins when the leader gets better.” Cape Town, and each city, continues to need good leaders. Leader-Impact is our new Campus Crusade for Christ South Africa(CCCSA) initiative here in town. With the arrival of Geoff and Caroline Shave (fresh from serving Campus Crusade for Christ in Namibia) and Elspeth Liebenberg (recently serving as CCCSA national team leader) a new ministry team is born.

Leader-Impact(LI) helps leaders explore the relevance of faith in God in their professional & personal lives in Cape Town & beyond. LI trains, equips and reaches out to leaders in our cities with the gospel of Jesus through a network of ‘mission-driven peer groups’ in the marketplace, government, education etc.

The unique selling point of LI is its emphasis on holding weekly groups of leaders of both Christians and non Christians meeting together. They walk a path together to study and interact over how to become a better leader and the way faith in Jesus makes the ultimate difference in every area of our lives. Those not professing faith in Christ but having some spiritual curiosity will join these LI groups to invest in their leadership ability and grow as iron sharpens iron in these settings.


Contact Geoff Shave at for more information.