Preparing the ground at UWC

Porject students prayingOur Campus Crusade for Christ (CCCSA)-Western Province ministry has the opportunity to come together every Friday to pray from 9:00-12:00.  We understand that this is God’s heart that we pray to receive insight from Him on how to reach this area for His kingdom.  A United States missions’ team consisting of US varsity students arrives annually during the winter to help give lift to the campus movement.  The US missions’ team was familiar with our Friday prayer times and desired to join us on the first Friday of their 5 week missions’ outreach.  Our university ministry (SLM) in the province was led to do a prayer walk at University of the Western Cape(UWC) some time ago to give lift to the campus ministry. We desire to do prayer walks on other campuses in the future.

Renier and Sue praying

Sue Swannevelder, Western Cape prayer coordinator, received an email about God’s work in Port Elizabeth. Prayer was the catalyst for what community leaders and students experienced. As Sue shared her excitement with me, we knew God desired for us to do something similar at UWC. Our coming together on one accord along with all the details so quickly was confirmation that God was moving in our steps.

When I reflect now on everyone that was there it still excites me.  CCC members of different ministries were present, along with the US missions team.  Also a church group from Bellville Baptist consisting of university students also joined the prayer walk.  In all over 40 people participated in this prayer walk at UWC.

Student’s in clock formation

We prepared written material to guide every prayer walker in his or her spiritual walk with God. The material helped to lead him or her through intercession by– “standing in the gap” on behalf of the campus. Using scriptures in God`s Word, they prepared for spiritual warfare. To claim the ground with a prophetic action, we drove stakes inscribed with these words, “This land belongs to the Lord”, into the ground throughout the campus. With UWC maps in each hand, the center of the North Campus was our starting point.  We divided the campus into 12 sections from the center of our starting point, like a clock, and each group standing on their” hour” section went out completely covering their assigned area with prayer and putting the stakes into the ground throughout the campus and along its boundaries.  Another team in a vehicle went around to the main UWC entrance gates and access points to pray.  Every part of that expansive campus was dedicated to the Lord in this manner.

Dedicating an access point

One student shared how placing the stick into the ground reminded him how the nails were driven into his hands and Christ blood was flowing over the land. As the stakes went into the ground, it was like the blood of Christ going into the ground to heal it, cleanse it, and claim it for Himself….(this was our prayer, but someone else had a similar vision).

CCC ministry only has a few students involved currently at UWC, but in the early 90s it was a vibrant movement.  I am expecting strongholds of sin and false religions will be broken and students to be drawn to our Savior Jesus Christ.  I desire to see a movement where students are praying and reaching their peers with the gospel of Christ.  UWC will experience a new birth where its current student body will honor our Lord in all that they do on and off the campus, and they will reach their campus, community, and the world for Christ.

By Leon

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