Student-Led Movement is on the move>>>>>>>>>

We had a team of students from America with us for the month of July, helping us to win young people for Jesus.  For the 2nd half of July we focused our efforts on reaching the University of Cape Town (UCT) and the University of the Western Cape (UWC).  Pravani took one half of the US team to UWC and I took the other half to UCT.

img_1538The American students had to take big steps of faith.  Sharing the gospel using our material, following up with the people they reached, and then taking those South African students to share their faith on their own campus.  The outcome was very encouraging.  Christian students got exposure to CCC and are excited about being trained on how to share their faith, while new Christians are learning how to trust God and lean on His Word.

Here are the basic stats of what we accomplished:

Gospel Conversations (general talk re faith)  =  111

Gospel Presentation (getting one to make a decision for or against Christ)  =  204

Prayed to receive Christ  49

Spirit-Filled Life Presentation (living a Holy Spirit directed life)  =  54

Follow-Up (those who attended follow-up)  =  16

I am so encouraged by what God has done, using this amazing US Team.  Pray that we continue the work from the momentum they generated on campus.

Also pray for us as we walk this path, that God will grant us His strength and wisdom as we train students on leading spiritual movements on their campus.

–  Nicholas

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