The Youth, Our Responsibility

Here is a great update from Nyameka Sonti, Western Cape Crossroads Team Leader:

Last year when someone was robbed at gun point in the community I was working at ; I was advised within seconds of pulling up that I needed to leave because they were fearing that my life might be in danger too. I left as fast I possibly could. And since my group were talking relocation I was encouraged that it was for a short period. I did’t know it would end up being seven months away from them. I obviously let them know why we couldn’t meet anymore. It was heart breaking to me because we were averaging 20-25 girls every time we met for our Bible Study. They enjoyed their time with me. I enjoyed my time with them.

In my time with them I always told them that they are leaders and they can be role models. They can lead by example, as young as they were. I made sure I drilled it in till they believed it. So when they moved to the new area it was no surprise when I received a message saying; “we have moved, when are you coming?” I was proud of initiation, leadership that was taught to them. These are the future leaders of South Africa. #StartThemYoung #TheFuture #Leaders #TheYouth#ItsOurResponsibility

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