Update from Student-Led Movement

Cape Town (UCT). Set on the mountain side, I began my campus outreach with a journey to “Moscow on the Hill.”

This day Bianca, a second year South African in-tern, joins me in sharing the gospel to UCT stu-dents. Bianca completed her degree at the Univer-sity of Western Cape (UWC), and was part of the first Campus Crusade for Christ – South Africa (CCC-SA) student leader-ship team Melanie and I helped develop during our missions trip to SA in 2009. Now she is a team member reaching future SA leadership with the gospel. Bianca and I speak to a number of UCT students with a collection of beliefs: Hindus, Muslims, atheists and Christians.

We learn about a young man who grew up in a Hindu family, but now believes there is no need for religion and has become atheist. We were more dismayed about his Christian friend. I asked if he shared about his Christian beliefs to his atheist friend. In a terse response, he expressed he did not like talking about religion, and his Christian beliefs were private.

The growing team left to right: Charlotte, Bianca, Nicholas & Leon

The growing team left to right: Charlotte, Bianca, Nicholas & Leon

Climbing down the mountain we reflected upon the Christian’s sentiment of not sharing his faith with friends. I wondered how damaging this action could be at this secular university.

Continue to pray for us as we share with unbelievers and encourage believers not to put their light under a basket.

by Leon Best

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